Amy Tracey

Amy is a Wiradjuri woman who spent the majority of her childhood in far northwest New South Wales. Growing up in a family consisting of both Indigenous and Non Indigenous Australians, she has experienced first hand the benefits that can come from these two groups of people working and living as one. Many of the traditional Dreamtime stories that Amy was taught as a child were in fact told to her by her Grandfather from the side of her family not of Indigenous heritage.

It is this cooperation and shared interest in culture that has lead to the creation of Yaambuuldaayn, a series of textiles that hopes to allow all Australians to experience these same values. Each textile piece gives a visual communication of a different Dreamtime story depicted through the digital manipulation of delicate hand rendered artworks. Amy Tracey is determined to one day see Indigenous culture and Mythology taught to all young Australians. An in depth understanding of the first people of Australia should be none other than common knowledge to all those who now share in this great land.

  • Bachelor of Design in Fashion and Textiles
  • Certificate II in Fashion Visualisation – 2012 – University of Technology Sydney
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