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Luisa Franco

Luisa has always had a love for the visual arts and design, inspired from her Spanish heritage and their passion for boldly crafted designs and expressive visual arts. After completing degrees in the Fine Arts and Graphic Design, she has recently …

Josefine Brodd

Growing up in Sweden, design and aesthetics were a way of life for my family. I was constantly surrounded by amazing Scandinavian designers such as Josef Frank, Stig Lindberg and Marimekko. I would like to see myself as an offspring of that design …

Lara Cross

My design philosophy likes to nudge at the boundaries of good taste and decency with excessive use of colour, cheeky themes and oversized repeats. I take themes quite laterally, give them a good pinch, twist and a pole-vault into hyperreality.

Jade Tindal

I am largely interested in the design of repeat patterns to be digitally printed for fashion. I love combining aesthetics from different eras and layering or appropriating them in a way that is modern and beautiful for a current context.

Amelia Agosta & Lauren Acciarito

With a shared passion for print design, this creative collaboration Lauren and Amelia explores playing with proportion, colour and form and being influence of everyday experience.

Jessica Stalenberg

As soon as I was old enough to make a sentence I said: ‘When I grow up I want to be an artist!’ My life has thus unfolded in a very bohemian way, from one creative project to the next. In my textile designs I am able to incorporate all of these stories ..

Amanda Cicchini

I’m inspired by diverse cultures, fascinating textiles and retrospective silhouettes. As a designer my philosophy is to evoke an emotional connection as well as to articulate a story between my vision and the viewer. My aim is to take people on an …

Amy Tracey

Amy is a Wiradjuri woman who spent the majority of her childhood in far northwest New South Wales. Growing up in a family consisting of both Indigenous and Non Indigenous Australians, she has experienced first hand the benefits …

Alison Barracluff

My name is Alison Barracluff and I’m a Sydney Textile and Surface designer originally hailing from Kiama. I’ve been blessed to be born into a wildly creative family and as a child lived briefly in Papua New Guinea.

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